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Providing high quality Japanese translations by natives at a reasonable price


From manuals, legal documents, medical, media to website contents, we translate any form of text for variety of languages. We understand that there is a difference in nuance when translating.
Here at HC Language Solutions* each document is catered towards the needs of our clients and is translated by native speakers.(Note that, here at HCLS all documents are translated by natives, and then proofread by checkers, who corrects all issues pertaining to grammar, spelling, and wording of the document. Our project coordinators will also conduct a final review of each document before it is delivered.) At HCLS, we also incorporate the use of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools to ensure that we can deliver your translation in a timely manner. CAT tools are used to increase efficiency and accuracy of the translation. It aids in providing a translation that is consistent throughout the document. We can provide you with the most reasonable quote for Japanese translation, other Asian languages, and other European languages. Please feel free to contact us at info@hcls.com for a free quote.

*Depending on the subject matter of the document there are situation in which we may match you with a translator in Japan.


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comics, animations, video games, novels, sales copies, advertising copies, website, web articles, blogs, etc.

R&D, Planning and Design

specifications, standards (maker standards, international law and standards, and the like), technical literature, test plan and reports, schematics and drawings, etc.

Production and, QC, Implementation and Maintenance Service

operating procedures, instruction manuals, failure report, internal educational/training materials, laws and regulations (process management, quality control, safety and labor management), manufacturing safety data sheets, etc.

Sales and Marketing

Product data sheets, brochures and catalogues, websites, documents for trade shows, news release, company information pamphlets, presentations for sales promotion, gallery exhibition related, market research reports, etc.

Education and Training, Conference

educational/training materials for users, meeting materials and minutes, reports (for internal/external communication, and for regulating authorities), industry specific regulations and ordinances, internal notices, etc.


Contracts (confidentiality, stock transfer, stock underwriting, investment contract, asset / business transfer, merger, absorption-type, new company proposal, stock transfer), prospectus, articles of incorporation, internal rules and regulations, registration certificate, BCP ( Business Continuity Plan) Document, Disaster Countermeasure Document, Harassment Document, Internal Control Report, Internal Control Basic Policy, Audit Report, Preparatory Document, Evidence Manual, Complaint, Answer, Opinion Statement


Macro, exchange rate and interest rate strategy report, financial institution presentation, investment report, annual report, Form 10-K / 10-Q / 8-K, insurance policy, important matters manual, investment committee materials, overview of the business to be invested, Memo random, due diligence report, risk analysis material, rating report, sector overview report, economic and industry analysis report, inspection manual, supervisory guidelines and guidelines, international capital regulatory documents of banks and insurance authorities

Corporate, IR

Medium-term management plan materials, securities reports, financial results briefing materials, business reports, shareholder newsletters, press releases, shareholder meeting convocation notices, resolution notices, corporate governance reports, guidelines


Basic research / non-clinical : Study drug summary, CTD, study plan, study report

Chemical / Manufacturing / Quality Control : CTD, standard, test method, validation document, stability test report, manufacturing instruction, record, analysis certificate, pharmacopoeia, safety data sheet, drug master file, SOP

Clinical development and approval application related : Clinical trial plan, clinical study summary document, clinical study summary report, CTD, STED, consent explanation document, mechanism consultation, reference items, analysis plan, regulatory notice, SOP

Safety management related


Specifications, application forms, priority certificates, affidavits, declarations, power of attorney, office actions, remarks, amendments, notice of appeal, patent oppositions, letters, etc.


English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Tagalog, Thai, Arabic, and more


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or request for a free quote.

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