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Japanese Translation/Interpretation Process, and for other languages

At HC Language Solutions, we understand your needs and will respond to your request and provide quality support throughout the process.
If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us anytime.


1. Consultation and Inquiry

For all inquiry regarding our Japanese interpretation services, you will be in contact with one of our coordinators to discuss the details of your inquiry. (Date, Time, Location and Purpose) Base on your needs, we will provide you with the appropriate Japanese interpreter and a quote. For Japanese interpretation services you must reserve 4 hours (half a day) as a minimum requirement. Other options include adding extra hours on top of the 4 hour minimum, or reserving the Japanese interpreter for a whole day (8 hours). The Japanese interpreter will start recording their hours from the meet up time until they are dismissed.

2. Preparation for the day of the conference

Before the day of your meeting, we will be finalizing the schedule and agenda. At this time, if it is available we asked that you provide a reference material for the interpreter to review. Depending on the location of the meeting and the situation, we will draft a map of the venue, to set up booths for the Japanese interpreter.

3. The day of the conference

On the date and time in which you requested our Japanese interpretation service, the coordinator will accompany the Japanese interpreter to provide additional support. *Depending on the time or location, the coordinator may not accompany the Japanese interpreter

4. Feedback

After the meeting, we asked that you leave a feedback on the quality of our services. To ensure we keep our high standards, we value your feedback to always find a way to improve your experience with us.


1. Consultation and Inquiry

Our representative will be available for you to discuss more in depth of your inquiry. (Context of the document, date of delivery, and format) To ensure the quality of the Japanese translation, we will pair you with the appropriate translator. All of our Japanese translators are professionals in their specific fields. After your free consultation, we will provide you with a quote and delivery date. We also provide a free trail upon request. (There is a limited word count for the free trial). After the formal quote, NDA (if necessary) is sent; we will be ready to proceed with your order.

2. Translation Procedure

At HC Language Solutions, we maintain our high quality through an extensive series of checks. We first start by selecting from our list of 6,500+ professional translators (knowledgeable in their respective field of studies/occupational experience). We will pair you with the appropriate translator. By pairing you with experienced and knowledgeable professionals we can ensure that the correct terminology is used.

3. Translation

The project coordinator proceeds with the translation by first reviewing the document(s). The coordinator will contact you if there are any additional specifications or questions. Any detailed specification will be addressed to the Japanese translators and the proofreader. To ensure a consistent quality of work, here at HCLS we use various translation tools. Let us know if you would like to request us to use a specific translation tools such as Memsource, Trados, etc.

4. Layout/Formatting

Upon request, we provide a layout services after the document is translated. In addition, we provide diagram creation and data entry service. The editing software we can work with includes, InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, etc.

5. Proofreading

Our professional proofreader, experts, and our native checker will go over your document. Before any document(s) are delivered the project manager will go over the document for a final check.

6. Delivery and Follow up

Files can be delivered in the format that you request. (PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, SRT, etc.) Here at HCLS, we value your feedback to ensure we keep our high standards. Method and Format of Delivery The main delivery data format is as follows,MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power Point, PDF, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, SRT, etc. For other data format please contact us.


At HC Language Solutions, you have an option of making a payment through a company check, personal check, bank transfer, credit card. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment methods, please feel free to contact us at info@hcls.com. It is company policy that for private clients we asked that you pay in advance.

Payment by check

HCLS will send an invoice to your company. Review the amount and transfer the payment by the payment due date. Please submit your check by the due date.

Payment by bank transfer

HCLS will send an invoice to your company. Review the amount and the payment due date of the invoice. Please submit your payement by the due date.

Payment by credit card

We accept the following credit cards, VISA, Masters, Diners, AMEX. Upon request we can send an invoice for your credit card payment.

For customers living in Japan

HCLS will present its estimated costs and invoices in dollars. Upon request, we can also provide the estimated cost and invoice in Japanese yen as well. If you wish to pay in Japanese yen, you may transfer it in Japanese currency to the HCLS bank account in Japan. In addition, if you wish to pay in Japanese Yen based on the price denominated in dollars, the Japanese Yen will be calculated using the exchange rate at the time of the payment (this method makes overseas remittance unnecessary , It is possible to reduce remittance fees).


Please feel free to contact in English or Japanese, if you have any questions or request for a free quote.

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