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We provide online interpretation services (simultaneous and sequential).


We provide remote interpretation services
video conference, webinars, and teleconference using online systems.

Remote interpretation service

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, companies around the world are advised to work remotely. As a result, opportunities for online remote meetings are increasing, and the need for remote interpretation is rapidly increasing.
HC Language Solutions, Inc. arranges bookings for online and teleconferences. We can provide simultaneous interpretation or sequential interpretation.

We support systems such as Webex, ZOOM, Skype, Google Hangouts and any other web conferencing systems.
As long as you have a PC, tablet or smartphone, you can hold a web conference, and an interpreter from our company will attend and help you with the conference from the United States or Japan.

In the case of a sequential interpretation, each participant accesses the conference system that they use and interprets the meeting.In the case of simultaneous interpretation, we will add another line for the interpreter and proceed with the meeting.
Those who need an interpreter will listen to the voice of the interpreter using earphones.
We can help you set up each system.

Examples of Web and Online Conferencing

・Monthly meetings with branch offices and affiliated companies

・Business meetings and business meetings


・Presentation to the client

・Webinars, lectures, and virtual exhibitions



We provide free consulation
if you have any questions regarding turn around date and rates please contact us

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